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Age of Radio Productions is excited to launch the JV Impacts Podcast.  John Vasquez is the most amazing individual to work with, and he is not only going to change your life, but he is going to change the Self-Help and Motivation space forever.  We know you will enjoy this podcast, and make sure you follow JVImpacts on Facebook and Instagram.  Lets Go!!!

Mar 20, 2018

Check This Out! 

Learn 4 Science based ways to improve workout motivation! Listen Now! 

Mar 19, 2018

I think we are all looking for that laser sharp focused mindset that will allow us to accomplish all our goals and dreams. Why does it seem so hard to stay on track and focused? There are some major factors that are contributing to your lack of concentration....

Mar 16, 2018

If you feel like you are just in a rut and you cannot seem to gain traction around anything, and it seems the world is operating against you, then this podcast is for you. I am going to tell you exactly why you are not winning and 3 Steps To Do So!

Mar 15, 2018

Some of the decisions I made when I was 21 did not manifest until I was close to 31. These critical decisions I made were seeds planted that grew a crop in the future.  The seeds I was planting at that time in my life, unfortunately, would provide a crop of pain and sadness. I started being very aware of the decisions...

Mar 14, 2018

"Start were you are, use what you have, do what you can."- Arthur Ashe. I often see people stuck in what I call analysis paralysis. They want to start something, but they just stay stuck in one spot, and they are almost paralyzed by fear and they cannot move. This is caused by thinking of all the things that could go...