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Age of Radio Productions is excited to launch the JV Impacts Podcast.  John Vasquez is the most amazing individual to work with, and he is not only going to change your life, but he is going to change the Self-Help and Motivation space forever.  We know you will enjoy this podcast, and make sure you follow JVImpacts on Facebook and Instagram.  Lets Go!!!

Nov 27, 2017

Step One: Wake Up Early , Step Two: Read a Book a Month   Step Three: Meditate 
When you take control of your mind you take control of your world! The changes sound easy but they take effort and most people are not willing. These simple things to transform their mind, but they are willing.  People quickly take a drug that will make them feel better, they are willing to choose a little extra sleep, or binge watch Netflix. These three small tweaks have massive benefits.  Listen Now!