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Age of Radio Productions is excited to launch the JV Impacts Podcast.  John Vasquez is the most amazing individual to work with, and he is not only going to change your life, but he is going to change the Self-Help and Motivation space forever.  We know you will enjoy this podcast, and make sure you follow JVImpacts on Facebook and Instagram.  Lets Go!!!

Feb 12, 2018

One of the biggest things that holds people back is procrastination. This can be something that holds a person back their whole life.  Here are five actionable steps you can do to help you: 1. Plan and Prioritize, 2. Plan out Micro-Goals, 3. Use the 15-Minute Rule, 4. Visualize Yourself Already Achieving Your Goal, 5. Stop Labeling Yourself a Procrastinator! Listen Now!